Sandwich is the oldest on Cape Cod. Economy is dependent on our residents, many of whom commute long distances to live in Sandwich, and on visitors who come from all over the world. Both enjoy the benefits of our historic character: protected woods and marshlands tree-lined streets and minimal "city" signage scenic roads hundreds of owner-occupied historic houses ancient cemeteries serene views and vistas numerous museums. All one needs to do is to drive through Route 6 in Buzzard's Bay or Route 28 near Hyannis to see how easily we could lose this visual quality of life.

Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod and was established in 1637 by settlers from Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies. Most of the town lies in Old King's Highway Historic District and the crown jewel is the Town Hall Square National Historic District with its splendid soaring church and nearby Federal houses. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the benefits of our historic character while staying in historic bed & breakfast inns, and residents commute long distances to live in the town. Both enjoy our protected woods and marshlands, tree-lined streets and minimal "city" signage, scenic roads, hundreds of owner-occupied historic houses, ancient historic cemeteries, serene views and vistas, and numerous museums.

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